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Mérida Eats! Yucatecan

Merida Eats! Seafood

Ticket Prices: USD $57 or $67Ticket Prices: USD $67 or $77
Duration: 3¼ hoursDuration: 4¼ hours
Start Time: 1:45 pmStart Time: 12:45 pm
Who Should Go: Mon & Fri: Curious about Yucatecan cuisine.
Sat Want to deepen understanding of Yucatecan cuisine
Who Should Go: People who love seafood!

Photo from the Mérida Eats! Yucatecan


Photo from the Merida Eats! Seafood

Tacos de camarones

Food & Drink

Included: Yucatecan appetizers or sopa de lima, handmade tortillas, platter of Yucatecan grilled meats, fruit water, cocktails, dessert.Included: Ceviche, seafood tacos, oysters, seafood stews, tuna tostada, grilled fish and shellfish, fruit water, cocktails, dessert.
Alcoholic Beverages: A cocktail is included at each stop. You can purchase beer or wine or alternate cocktails.Alcoholic Beverages: A signature cocktail is included at each stop. Beer, wine and alternate cocktails are available for purchase..
Dietary Considerations: Challenging for veganns or vegetarians.Dietary Considerations: For those who cannot eat fish, or seafood, we can offer alternatives IF we know in advance.

The Tour

Capacity: 10Capacity: 10
Guest Minimum: 2Guest Minimum: 2
Requirements: Suitable for all fitness levels. Flat walking 12 blocks in all, from 1 to 5 blocks between restaurants.Requirements: Suitable for all fitness levels. Flat walking 12 blocks in all, from 1 to 5 blocks between restaurants.
Restrooms: Each restaurant has restrooms.Restrooms: Each restaurant has restrooms.


Mérida Eats! Yucatecan

Parque de la Madre
Calle 60, Parque Santa Lucia, Centro, Mérida, Yucatan

Merida Eats! Seafood

Remate de Paseo Montejo
Calle 56ᴬ, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro, Mérida, Yucatan

Neighborhoods: Historic Center - Santa Lucia neighborhoodNeighborhoods: Historic Center - Santa Ana neighborhood
Where to Meet: Parque de la Madre, calle 60 x57-A (next to Peon Contreras Theater)Where to Meet: Remate of the Paseo de Montejo, calle 56-A x47 y49
Public Transportation: Bus transportation on calle 60 and calles 55 and 57Public Transportation: Bus transportation on calles 56 & 58 and Paseo de Montejo
Parking: Park within 1 block. Parking details will be sent.Parking: Park within 1 block. Parking details will be sent.