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Yucatecan Food – Food, Fun, Travel

on January 17, 2020

“We had no idea when arriving to the Yucatan peninsula that Yucatan Food & Mayan Food would feature so many unique and interesting dishes. From succulent pulled pork Cochinita Pibil – a Mayan dish using Mayan/Spanish/Caribbean ingredients. To pre-colonial, traditional Mayan food, like Sikil Pak (ground pumpkin seed dip) or Pavo en Sac’kool (bush turkey in a white sauce with tomato)… To more modern innovations like panuchos (crispy deep fried tortillas stuffed with mashed black beans). Yucatan cuisine has been a surprising journey that has led to our discovery of more than 50 tasty dishes to feast on. Although we have traveled around the Yucatan Peninsula in search of traditional Mayan Food, we’ve spent more than a year in the city of Merida (Read our comprehensive travel guide to Merida) – so a lot of our recommendations of places to eat are there. However, you can track down the dishes mentioned below in other parts of the Yucatan peninsula. But for an authentic experience, I highly recommend leaving tourist areas such as Playa del Carmen, Cancun & Cozumel, and taking a trip to Merida & Valladolid to find the most local and traditional Yucatan food.”

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