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Private Tours Available

Plan My Tour

We will gladly design a private tour just for you!

A private food tour is the perfect way to
- Celebrate important life events with family and friends
- Introduce out-of-town visitors to what you love most about Mérida.

What to Expect

Merida Eats! will be happy to organize a food tour that is tailored to your group, whether it be family or club members or a business trip.  A personal tour gives you much more flexibility!

  • Your bilingual guide can conduct the tour in English, Spanish, or both
  • We can tailor the tour to your group’s special interest, such as architecture, history, art, archaeology
  • More convenient start and end times
  • More choice of foods and beverages

Here are some tours that (to date) we offer only upon request:

  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Casual dining
  • Cafes
  • Breakfast
  • Tiny restaurants (maximum 6 guests)
  • Hotel dining
  • Botanas
  • Cantinas

We also offer alternative versions of our standard tours (Yucatecan; seafood; Italian) to restaurants outside of Centro that require transportation.


  • At least 7 days’ notice
  • Minimum group size is 6
  • Required gratuity of 20% will be included