Mérida Eats! Yucatecan

Duration: 3¼ hours

Location: Mérida Centro - Santa Lucia


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USD $67 **

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Experience the unique flavors and cooking methods of Yucatán.

  • With your local bilingual guide, soak up the unique sights, sounds and tastes of historic Mérida centro.

  • Dine at three locally-owned restaurants serving top quality Yucatecan food. and drink

  • Taste traditional dishes such as zikil pak, panuchos, paadzules, caballero pobre.

  • Don’t worry about spicy! In Yucatán spicy chiles and salsas are served on the side.

  • Go twice! Tour #1 on Fridays and Tour #2 on Saturdays visit different restaurants and sample different foods.

  • Proceeds of your ticket will support a registered local charity.

Buy tickets in advance, online. No last-minute or cash sales.

Small groups of 4–10 guests.

Tours are 1:45 pm – 5:00 pm.

We proceed rain or shine. We suggest you bring an umbrella.

Tours are in English with a bi-lingual (Spanish) guide.

Eat lightly beforehand. You'll have plenty of food!

Mérida is flat! You'll walk less than 12 blocks in all and be seated at each restaurant.

We accommodate vegetarians and most food allergies/intolerance.

During this 3¼-hour tour, a bilingual guide will escort your group on an easy, flat walk though Mérida’s historic center. You’ll dine at three restaurants chosen to show the best of traditional Yucatecan cuisine. The restaurants will serve:

  1. An array of distinctive appetizers or soup, with hand-made tortillas. Traditional Yucatecan dips utilize ingredients such as beans, pepita (roasted squash seeds), and avocado. You will learn how meats are cooked in an underground pib, and may observe and taste the results, such as pavo relleno negro (turkey with a black sauce from charred chiles). You’ll see  workers making tortillas by hand.
  2. Tasting portions of three traditional Yucatecan dishes. Meats may include pork or suckling pig, chicken, turkey, sausage, baby shark. These may be seasoned with achiote (annato) or marinated in naranja agria (sour orange).
  3. An extraordinary, memorable dessert, with coffee if you like.

Food will be accompanied by refreshing aguas frescas – waters infused with fruits or plants, for example, chaya, limon (sweet lime), pepino (cucumber) jamaica (hibiscus), horchata (a sweet rice beverage). One or two restaurants will offer their signature cocktail: a margarita, a unique mezcal cocktail or mojito.

At each restaurant your guide or the restaurant staff will give some background about the restaurant, the art, the food and ingredients. Along the way, your guide will share information about the Mérida, its residents, buildings and culture. S/he will point out other stops of interest that you might visit on your own, and answer any questions you might have.

All in all, we will make sure you know where to go next to find your new favorite foods!  You’ll have a Guidebook with information about each restaurant and the foods served.  It includes a list of other recommended restaurants and destinations for food, spices, and quality handcrafts. After the tour, we will share an electronic copy with links.

The tour starts at Parque de la Madre, on calle 60 between calles 57 and 59, next to the Jose Peon Contreras Theater. Upon booking you will receive details, along with information about parking nearby.

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Have questions? Here are the most frequently asked.

Do we just walk around and sample food?

Food is the core or our tours, but our local guides offer so much more! Our tours combine historical facts, architectural commentary, cultural and culinary insights.

What should I bring with me?

A camera, a small bottle of water. Depending on the weather forecast: a hat and/or umbrella, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Wear comfortable clothing (expandable waistband is always a good idea!) and good walking shoes.

What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

We can accommodate most allergies and dietary restrictions if we know in advance, so please let us know at the time of booking! If you buy a ticket for someone else, don’t forget to check with them too.

Still have questions?   Visit our FAQ page to submit your own

"I had no idea that Yucatecan cuisine was so varied and subtle! I expected the food to be way too spicy, but all the hot salsas were on the side. We were intrigued by many ingredients we had never heard of. Now we can’t wait to go on the second tour! We just might decide to retire here."

Cynthia, Portland, Maine, USA

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