Merida Eats! Seafood

Duration: 4¼ hours

Location: Mérida Centro - Santa Ana


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USD $77 **

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Mérida is the seafood capital of Yucatán. From camarones and pulpo to pescado and ceviche, savor the seafood that Mérida Eats!

  • Discover why the famous travel chef Rick Bayless comes to Mérida every chance he can get!

  • Visit four top-notch locally-owned restaurants that are passionate about quality Yucatecan seafood

  • Explore the historic center and learn about Mérida's food and culture with a bilingual local guide

  • Support Yucatecans in need. We donate proceeds of your ticket to a registered local charity.

Buy tickets in advance, online or at Slow Foods Market. No last-minute cash sales.

Small groups of 4–10 guests.

Tours are 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

We proceed rain or shine. Bring an umbrella.

Tours are in English with a bi-lingual (Spanish) guide.

Eat lightly beforehand. You'll have plenty of food.

Merida is flat! You'll walk less than a mile, and be seated at each restaurant.

We accommodate vegetarians and most food allergies/intolerance.

During this 4-hour tour, a bilingual guide will escort your group on an easy, flat walk though Mérida’s historic center.  You’ll go to four restaurants chosen to show the best of Yucatecan seafood. At each one you will be seated. You’ll have a Guidebook with information about each restaurant and the foods served.

At the first three you will be served three or four distinctive dishes of pescado (fish) and/or mariscos (shellfish). These will likely use ingredients typical of Yucatecan cuisine, such as corn, squash, beans, limes, chiles that may be used to marinate and “cook” a ceviche or aguachile.

Don’t worry about spicy! Unless otherwise noted (such as an aguachile), in Yucatán spicy chiles and salsasare optional and served on the side.

The final restaurant will serve extraordinary pastries for dessert.

The food will be accompanied by delicious aguas frescas – waters infused with fruits or plants, for example, chaya, limon, pepino (cucumber) jamaica (hibiscus), horchata (a sweet rice beverage). At two stops, guests age 18 or older will be offered a unique cocktail.

In addition, at each restaurant your guide or the restaurant staff will give some background about the restaurant, the art, the food and ingredients.

Along the way, your bilingual guide will share information about the Mérida, its residents, buildings and culture. S/he will point out other stops of interest that you might visit on your own, and answer any questions you might have.

All in all, we will make sure you know where to go next to find your new favorite foods!  After the tour, we will share our personal list of other recommended restaurants and destinations for food, spices, beverages, and quality handcrafts.

This tour starts at Remate of the Paseo de Montejo, calle 56A between 47 and 49. Upon booking you will receive details, along with information about parking nearby.

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"I never thought of Mérida as a seafood capital, since it's not on the coast. But it gets plenty of fresh fish and shellfish from the Gulf of Mexico. And the local chefs know just what to do with it. Wow!"

Audrey, San Diego, California

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