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About Mérida Eats!

Mérida Eats! represents the culmination of our passion for the food, the culture, and the people of Mérida.
Our mission:
  1.  Share with others the richness of Mérida’s cuisine and culture
  2.  Employ local guides and enhance their skills
  3.  Promote locally-owned restaurants that offer quality food, service and ambiance
  4.  Assist Yucatecans in need through registered charities.

Tour Group Toasting

Inaugural Tour Group Toasting


Cliff & Allison - enjoying a serenade in our courtyard

Allison Morrill and Cliff Rugg

We first came to Mérida on our honeymoon in 1979.  Little did we imagine at that time that we would return in 2004 and make it our retirement home.  Part of what we always enjoy in Mérida is the rich variety of food that is readily available, whether we choose to cook at home or eat out.

In November 2019 when we visited Oaxaca and attended a tour sponsored by Oaxaca Eats Food Tours, we so impressed and inspired that we knew right away this was something we would like to undertake in Mérida.  With the mentorship and guidance of owners Dean and Kay Michaels, we dared to launch Mérida Eats!, modeled after their enterprise.


Our bilingual guides are students / graduates of programs in tourism or language at Technologia Touristica Total or Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan.


Monserrat Montejo Martínez

Monserrat is a lifelong Yucatecan. She majors in Modern Lanuage at Technologia Touristica Total. She is the first guide to complete the training curriculum.

Ana Paulina

Ana Paulina Rubio Lugo

Ana Paulina is a lifelong Yucatecan...

Maria Elena

María Elena González Carranza

Originally from Mexico City, María Elena is also a realtor and certified assesor...


Laura Estrella Noh

Laura is a lifelong Yucatecan. She studies at UADY to become an English teacher.